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In both Rosheim and Ottrott, the Inter-Municipal Tourist Office of Mont Sainte-Odile offers you a whole range of services to make your holiday even more unforgettable!

Dynamic screens and interactive terminals

Ecran dans la vitrine de l'Office de tourisme à Rhosheim

Need some information at 10 pm? No problem!
Thanks to our dynamic screens and interactive terminals in Ottrott, Rosheim and Mont Sainte-Odile, find the information you need, when you need it: what to do, where to stay, where to eat, wineries, places to go, and more.

Free Wi-Fi in both of our tourist offices

Ordinateur pour la consultation

SNeed to check your email or go online? Come use the free, secure Wi-Fi at our tourist offices in Rosheim and Ottrott. You won’t even need to sign in for the first 15 minutes. Then you can sign up for 3 days or one week of free access.

The Tourist Office shop

Poterie en vente à l'Office de tourisme

Small wonders of Alsatian craftsmanship can be found in the shops at our Ottrott and Rosheim tourist offices.
Hearts made of traditional Alsatian kelsch fabric, little hanging decorative items made of wood, pottery from Betschdorf and Soufflenheim, beautiful children’s books: .
such wonderful ideas for gifts or souvenirs!

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